Your Motorcycle Friends in the North Georgia Mountains
Biker Chicks dig the Biker Barn!

About The Biker Barn: Your Motorcycle Friends in the North Georgia Mountains

Motorcycle Gear, Accessories, Trailers and more located in Blairsville, Georgia. All Brands Welcome.

The Biker Barn was opened by Brad & Lori Betters from Blairsville, GA on April 1st, 2010.

Brad and Lori, originally from New Smyrna Beach, FL, worked for a corporate company selling and installing building products for over 35 years. They had a second home in Blairsville and would always travel north to ride motorcycles with their friends.

In 2009 they packed up a truck and travel trailer, and headed out west for a 5 months adventure. Driving all the way up to Alaska and back, and exploring all the states in between, they decided that the North Georgia Mountains had some of the best motorcycle riding anywhere in the country.

They also saw that there were no motorcycle apparel & accessory shops in the Blairsville area and decided to open their own store, Biker Barn.

Along with Biker Barn, Biker Barn Trailers, and the online store, Brad and Lori are now opening their second trailer lot in Blairsville, located at 1008 N. Murphy Hwy.


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